Do you trust bureaucrats to know everything you look at online?

Do you want the government to know every website you have ever visited? And do you want them to store all your private online data for two years? Because a new proposal by the Federal Government will do just that – while doing nothing to protect against terrorist threats.

This is what the Federal government wants to do. And this is what they WILL do unless we take action NOW!

Earlier this month, Attorney-General Senator The Hon George Brandis, announced he would be reviving the Gillard Government’s rejected data-retention plan. The government says this is for “National Security”.

But the wording of the proposal is clear: this doesn’t apply to terror suspects – EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN will have ALL of their online activity recorded and potentially monitored. Terrorists won’t be caught by this. Law-abiding Australians will be.

Literally dozens of agencies will have access to all your most private records – beneficiaries include the Western Australian Department of Fisheries, Racing Queensland and the RSPCA South Australia! In the United Kingdom, more than half of councils use national security legislation legislation to spy on people who don’t sort their recycling properly! In Poland, it’s used for Divorce cases! That’s why around the world countries are abandoning such schemes.

The worst part is – Criminals will always be able to easily subvert this. It’s law-abiding Aussies who will lose out. Make no mistake: Terrorists WON’T be caught out by this new system – it takes only a few minutes to set up a VPN which will completely bypass the data retention process. For national security purposes, this law is worse than useless.

Can we really trust thousands and thousands of public servants with access to your most private data to keep it safe? In the United States, NSA staff used their powers to spy on women – and were undetected for years. Last year, an Australian Department of Communications cybersecurity contractor lost 800 highly sensitive subscriber details because they didn’t bother to send it by secure post. If we can’t trust them to keep something so basic secure, what do you think will happen when they have access to everything?

Make no mistake: if this passes, online privacy is dead.

But it’s not too late. We can stop this from taking place We defeated this proposal when the Gillard Government proposed it, and we can defeat it again. Fill out our form below, change the draft text to what you think (we can’t have everyone saying the same thing!) and tell your MP and Senators NO!

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